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Here at MDS Document Management, our core mission is to help you save time, space, and money. Contact us today to have your dream of a clutter-free and paperless office realized.

Archival Scanning

Do you have boxes of old, seldom-used documents taking up space in your office? Are you paying fees to have your archives stored offsite? Let MDS digitize all of your documents for a fraction of the price that it costs to have your documents stored onsite or offsite. Save time, space, and money.


Using client defined criteria and information; our document processing professionals make each scanned document truly searchable. We employ the latest Kodak Capture Pro software and a series of quality control measures to deliver highly efficient document retrieval capabilities for our clients.

Electronic Content Management Solutions

Are you in the market for a system to manage your scanning documents and other electronic content? We partner with some of the leading ECM companies to provide electronic content management solutions. We strive to provide tailored ECM solutions for our clients. This means we’ll help you get the right system for the right price. In addition, we provide training as well as ongoing support for all of our clients.

Backfile Scanning

Are you ready to make the transition to a paperless office? Currently scanning documents in-house? In order to realize the true benefits of a paperless office, and to get the right ROI on your electronic content management system, it is important to digitize all of your records including the ones in storage

Large Format Color Scanning

We provide a flexible range of format color scanning capabilities. Whether scanning maps, monochrome line drawings, detailed color photographs or 12mm thick display boards, MDS delivers exceptional accuracy and quality images.

Pre and Post Scan Document Preparation

To achieve the highest quality in converting your paper documents into electronic documents, let our trained document scanning technicians prepare them to the highest industry standards. Our technicians are trained to use the least invasive methods to remove staples and other metallic objects from paper while retaining the structural integrity of the document. Once a scanning job is finished, our technicians can return each document to its original (pre scanning) state.

Data Capturing

MDS uses Kodak Capture Pro software, the most advanced document imaging and processing software, to extract information from each document as it is scanned. This software enables us to efficiently process large volumes of documents. We then pass the savings to our clients.

Secure Document Destruction

Do you have documents that are past their retention dates? Do you need to know that your sensitive documents are securely and confidentially destroyed? Contact us today and we’ll help you safely and securely dispose of your unwanted documents.